Privacy policy

Censio-IT (“we”, “us”) guarantees that the TIME application (including the free version) doesn’t collect any kind of information including your e-mail address and other information that may breech your privacy. We assure you that none of the information you provide in the application gets sent to our servers and no information other than the time registration and activities are saved on your device by us. However, we do make use of some third party applications and services that help us providing a free version and help us improving our applications. These services may collect some information which is limited to their own privacy policy. All third party applications and their respective privacy policies are listed below. If you do not agree to these policies, please do not use the application.


We use Crittercism™ as the error reporting service for our applications. Crittercism may collect anonymous data when our application crashes; check their terms of service here: http://www.crittercism.com/tos-v3.html. (The sections about the “App Users” – paragraph 1.1 – apply to you as user of our apps)


Our app requires a number of permissions to access sensitive data, this is the exhaustive list of all sensitive permissions we use with a clarification of what the permissions are used for:

  • Read calendar events: We use this permission to make it easy for you to create registrations from your calendar events. We only copy the event description to your registration and use the event title to match an activity, other event data is not used or saved by us.
  • Read contact data: We use this permission to make it easy for you to set default recipients for your export e-mail. Contact data is not used in any other way and we don’t save any contact data except for the e-mail addresses you set as default export e-mail recipients.